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Ngā Kerēme / Hauraki Treaty of Waitangi Claims

This collection contains digitised versions of documentation presented to the Waitangi Tribunal in support for the Hauraki, Tauranga Moana and Tamaki Makaurau inquiries. It includes an extensive body of work that relates to the hard copy volumes published by the Hauraki Māori Trust Board in 1997, and includes the Waitangi Tribunal Report findings.

All 23587 pages are accessible both in a preview size and high resolution. You can browse these documents by volume, available at any time when accessing the collection through the Browse button in the navigation bar above.

The claims documents have undergone an Optical Character recognition process so their text is fully searchable (printed documents).

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This collection also includes the Waitangi Tribunal Hauraki Inquiry Records, a large body of information that relates to the legal submissions, research reports (historical and cultural) and statements of evidence provided by Hauraki claimants and others on behalf of their respective claims to the Waitangi Tribunals Hauraki, Tauranga Moana and Tamaki Inquiry hearings held over 1998-2002.

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