Alexander Turnbull Library Timeframes Collection (97)
Title: [Angas, George French] 1822-1886 :[Tara or Irirangi ... principal chief of the Nga ti Tai tribe / George French Angas] del. & lith [London? ; McLean? 1847?]
Abstract: Standing portrait of Tara, who is dressed in a flax cloak. He holds a long-handled tewhatewha (sharpened club) and has moko
Geographic Location: Waitemata Harbour
Title: [Artist unknown] :[Wiremu Henare Taratoa offers water to Lieutenant-Colonel Booth, 1864. 1860s?].
Abstract: A depiction of an incident at Battle of Gate Pa, 1864, where Booth was mortally wounded. Shows Wiremu Taratoa kneeling the recumbent figure of Lieutenant Colonel Booth, holding a bowl to his lips. A fortification and Maori whare are seen in the background, beside the curve of a river.
Geographic Location: Gate Pa
Title: [Artist unknown] :Wesleyan mission station at Waingaroa, New Zealand ; natives assembling for worship. - [London] ; J. Bannister, [1850s?]
Abstract: Shows mission station at Raglan (Whaingaroa) seen from across the river Waikato.
Geographic Location: Raglan; Waikato River
Title: [Artist unknown] :[View of Thames. ca 1870]
Abstract: Shows a view of a coastal settlement spread along the waters edge, backed by hills, and seen from the water.
Geographic Location: Thames
Title: [Ashworth, Edward] 1814-1896 :[Church Missionary Station, Mr Ashwell-Pepepe (paypaypay) on the Waikato River New Zealand. [1843] Architecture New Zealandic, 3 or 4 feet high to the eaves.
Abstract: Shows the Rev. B. Y. Ashwell's first Mission Station, at Pepepe or Taupiri, located beside the Waikato River. There are high, bush-clad hills behind the house which has a fenced garden. A canoe is close to the station on the river. There is a cabbage tree in the right foreground. In the upper left portion of the view is A-208-003 "Architecture New Zealandic" a sepia sketch of the front and interior of a Maori wharenui or meeting house.
Geographic Location: Taupiri; Waikato River
Title: [Ashworth, Edward] 1814-1896 :Missionary station, Waikato Heads. Revd. R. Maunsel. [1843]
Abstract: Shows Maraetai, the Rev. Robert Maunsell's Church Missionary Society Mission station, Waikato Heads, with buch-clad hills to the left and behind the house.
Geographic Location: Waikato District
Title: [Ashworth, Edward] 1814-1896 :Native built church (wharay karakia) at Te Whatawat on the Waipa River New Zealand. [1843]
Abstract: The interior of a Maori church, with tukutuku panels between the upright beams in the walls and two central beams supporting the ridge-pole. Ten Maori are seated inside. Along the top, the artist has written the Maori for various building terms: roof tuanui, beam kanae, rafters keke, door tatau, lath ehako, posts wapu. He also adds 'The beams, posts, rafters etc are not squared but very neatly adzed'.
Geographic Location: Whatawhata
Title: [Ashworth, Edward] 1814-1896 :The settlement at Waikato heads, New Zealand. Looking S. [1843]
Abstract: A range of hills seen from the sea. At its foot is Maraetai Mission station, established by Rev Maunsell
Geographic Location: Waikato Heads
Title: [Barraud, Charles Decimus] 1822-1897 :Atiamuri, Pohaturoa [Rock. 1860s or early 1870s?]
Abstract: Shows several whare in centre foreground, a bridge at right, and the impressive Pohaturoa Rock in centre background.
Geographic Location: Pohaturoa Rock; Waikato River; Atiamuri
Title: [Barraud, Charles Decimus], 1822-1897 :View of Castle Rock from entrance to Coromandel Harbour. Sept. 14, 1874
Abstract: Shows a view of the harbour with a steamboat in the middle distance. Castle Rock shows on the skyline. There is a small island in the central right foreground.
Geographic Location: Coromandel Harbour; Castle Rock
Title: [Jones, Pei Te Hurinui, 1898-1976] :Tainui area [map with ms annotations]. 1820-1863.
Abstract: Drawn on a published map, depicting location of Waikato tribes during period 1820 - 1863, Maori placenames, some historical information (such as conquest dates). Numbered Waikato areas correspond to key indicating relevant tribal iwi. Major (non-Waikato) tribal areas are delineated alphabetically, for example Hauraki or Ngati Toa tribes.
Geographic Location: Waikato Region
Title: [Smith, William Mein] 1799-1869 :[Homestead at] Manaia. Feb., 1849
Abstract: A two-storied farmhouse, with bush behind it, the station in the Wairarapa of W. H. Donald.
Geographic Location: Masterton District
Title: [Smith, William Mein] 1799-1869 :[Mr Donald's homestead, Manaia] Feb., 1849
Abstract: The back view of the farmhouse of W. H. Donald at Manaia Station, Kuripuni Bush. The slab chimney shows in this view as well as the bush that surrounded the homestead.
Geographic Location: Masterton District
Title: `Auckland Star' Service Car, Waikato
Abstract: View of a group of men seated inside the H C Baulf `Auckland Star' Service Car, a Dodge automobile, stopped on the muddy road between Frankton and Te Aroha in the Waikato. Photograph taken between circa 1924 and 1925 (the time when the number plate NZ20-113 was active), by an unidentified photographer.
Geographic Location: Frankton