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Title: Abbot, Edward Immyns, d 1849 :Wife of E Wero Wero, Taupari Pah, 1843.
Abstract: Shows full-face portrait of the head of a Maori woman with moko on chin and lips.
Geographic Location: Taupiri
Title: Ade, Eduard, fl 1865 :Mission du Taupiri, ecole de Maoris - D'apres M. F. de Hochstetter. [1865]
Abstract: Shows a group of pupils and teachers outside the school building of the Reverend Benjamin Yates Ashwell's mission school at Taupiri.
Geographic Location: Taupiri
Title: Angas, George French, 1822-1886 :Domestic sketches. George French Angas [delt]; J. W. Giles [lith]. Plate 59, 1847.
Abstract: A group of scenes inside a pa with explanatory text on the opposite page, paraphrased as follows: 1.[Top centre] A sketch a Kaitote on the Waikato showing a cooking house with a couple of elderly women, seated on the ground outside, performing the hongi. 2. [Top left] An aged woman of Te Mutu making a basket of the leaves of the tawara (Freycinetia Banksii). 3. [Top right] A slave woman preparing potatoes by scraping them with a mussel shell. 4. [Centre] Interior of a house at Rangihaeata's pa at Porirua, with women engaged in manufacturing flax garments. 5. [Bottom left] Tangi or crying of welcome; also Hongi detail on the right. Both sketches from life, were made near Taupiri, on the Waikato River.
Geographic Location: Plimmerton; Taupiri
Title: Angas, George French, 1822-1886 :Evening scene. Encampment at Maurea on the banks of the Waikato. / George French Angas del. Pubd by Smith, Elder & Co., London. Day & Haghe, lithrs to the Queen. 1847.
Abstract: Groups of Maori seated in a pa by the Waikato River, with a pataka to the right, a small whare, several fences and a tent to the right, with a European standing outside it. A kete and two pigs in the foreground, two dogs to the right, utensils, clothing, oars and weapons draped over a palisade.
Geographic Location: Waikato River; Maurea
Title: Angas, George French, 1822-1886 :Tara or Irirangi ... principal chief of the Nga ti Tai tribe / George French Angas del. & lith. 1847.
Abstract: Shows Tara, chief of the Ngati Tai, near Auckland. He wears a long cloak or blanket with fringing of soft feathers or hair around the neck and hem. He holds a long-handled tewhatewha (sharpened club), and wears moko.
Geographic Location: Auckland Harbour
Title: Angas, George French, 1822-1886 :Tu Kaitote, the pah of Te Wherowhero on the Waikato, Taupiri Mountain in the distance. George French Angas [delt]; G. W. Giles [lith]. Plate 15. 1847.
Abstract: The interior of Te Wherowhero's pa, with Taupiri Mountain rising in the background. There is a row of houses to the left, some with palisades around them, groups of people seated in the centre and other buildings, including pataka on the right. The pa is surrounded by a large palisade
Geographic Location: Taupiri
Title: Artist unknown :Otea or Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. [9 or 10 Dec. 1847]. The residence of V. Warner Bros. during the year 1841 and part of 1842 then occupied by Captain Nagle ...
Abstract: Captain Nagle's house on the right, in the middle distance, with other buildings to the left and huts and tents in the foreground. A flag on a hill in the middle distance, a small canoe landing on the shore to the right and a longer Maori war canoe in the water.
Geographic Location: Great Barrier Island
Title: At Te Makia; a day's fun at the beach
Abstract: At Te Maika; a day's fun at the beach. Boy Scouts engaged in various activities during a visit to the beach. Photographed by an unknown photographer about 1933
Geographic Location: Te Maika
Title: At Waihi, celebrating the opening of the Auckland-Waihi railway
Abstract: Procession at Waihi, 9 November, 1905, celebrating the opening of the Auckland-Waihi railway. Photographer unidentified.
Geographic Location: Waihi
Title: Atiamuri Lodge and rock, Atiamuri
Abstract: View of fishing lodge at Atiamuri with rock in the background, photographed, by Robert E Wells,in the late 1940s.
Geographic Location: Atiamuri
Title: Backhouse, John Philemon 1845-1908 :Maori camp at the foot of Mt Taupiri, shewing the burial place of the Maori Kings. [ca 1880].
Abstract: Mount Taupiri in the background, covered with bush. A smaller mound below it, has a building on top. At its foot is a church, tents and low buildings. A stream is on the left, with a number of Maori walking along the riverbank path
Geographic Location: Taupiri
Title: Backhouse, John Philemon 1845-1908 :Terrace Valley, Orakei Korako. [ca 1880].
Abstract: Shows a figure of a Maori man in the centre foreground, standing in an area of silica terraces, which are fed into by three steaming waterfalls.
Geographic Location: Orakei Korako
Title: Backhouse, John Philemon, 1843-1908 :Military settler's cottage, Hamilton. [1865-1900]
Abstract: Shows three small wooden buildings: the central one is a small two-window cottage with a rain barrel, in front of a small wooden church building. At the far left, the third building (which has an outbuilding) is partly obscured. A stooped figure in the right foreground may be weeding the grave enclosure.
Geographic Location: Hamilton City
Title: Backhouse, John Philemon, 1845-1908 :[Venus geyser. The Spa, Taupo, ca 1880]
Abstract: Hot springs at the lake's edge with bush rising behind. A Maori man is standing alongside one of the springs
Geographic Location: Taupo, Lake
Title: Barraud, Charles Decimus 1822-1897 :[Looking across Lake Taupo with Mounts Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu in the distance] 1874
Abstract: Shows a view looking southwest over Lake Taupo, with Ruapehu shown to the left of Ngauruhoe which has a plume of smoke coming from it. The right foreground shows bush and a small plateau on which cattle are grazing. There are cliffs on the lakeside in the left distance. Shows Motutaiko Island in the central distance.
Geographic Location: Taupo, Lake; Ruapehu, Mount; Ngauruhoe, Mount; Tongariro, Mount; Motutaiko Island
Title: Barraud, Charles Decimus, 1822-1897 :The Crow's Nest Geyser, on the Waikato [18--].
Abstract: Shows the built-up cone of a small geyser spewing steam and small pieces of lava into the air. Lava pours out of the near side of the cone, which is set amongst low vegetation.
Geographic Location: Waikato River
Title: Barraud, Charles Decimus, 1822-1897 :Waihi, near Tokanu Feb. 6th, 1874.
Abstract: Shows a cove at the south tip of Lake Taupo, with a canoe pulled up on the shore. There is a large rugged boulder in the extreme right foregroundls in the background sloping down to the lake shore.
Geographic Location: Waihi
Title: Barraud, Charles Decimus, 1822-1897 :[Pohaturoa near Atiamuri. 1875?]
Abstract: Shows rocky outcrop Pohaturoa near Atiamuri with the Waikato River between steep cliffs. In the foreground are three houses and carriage drawn by four horses on a road leading from a bridge across the river on the right.
Geographic Location: Pohaturoa Rock; Atiamuri; Waikato River
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Title: Burton Brothers : Flax and bush alongside the Waikato River, Taupiri district
Abstract: Flax and bush clad hills alongside the Waikato River, Taupiri district, circa 1880s. Photograph taken by the Burton Brothers.
Geographic Location: Waikato River; Taupiri