Atiamuri Lodge and rock, Atiamuri

Title:Atiamuri Lodge and rock, Atiamuri
Subject:Rock formations; Fishing - New Zealand - Waikato Region
Abstract:View of fishing lodge at Atiamuri with rock in the background, photographed, by Robert E Wells,in the late 1940s.
Geographic Location:Atiamuri
Addition Description:Any publication or exhibition must be accompanied by the credit "Robert E Wells Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library"
Date Issued:[194-?]
Format:Cellulosic film negative 3.25 x 4.25 inches
Collection:Wells, Robert E, 1905-2006 :Photographic negatives, prints and transparencies of the Mokau and other rural North Island districts, and scenic views of New Zealand
Reference No. 1/4-091419-F
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